Three Day Pack / Bug out Bag review

The basic idea is to carry items and equipment to help you stay moving, ahead of any trouble and support you and not be so large as to hinder your speed. you don’t know if you will be traveling on a bus, in your car or walking. Being prepared for everything can be rough I pull good ideas from experienced travelers, military, hikers and campers. Attempting to keep the basics in mind. Shelter, food and comfort (some level of comfort at least)

I don’t cover weapons in this review. But there is extra room in the pack where ammo could be carried. However not every situation would require soldiers gear and ammunition so I’ll let another article cover defense and weapons.

In preperation for a natural or man made disaster, it's a good idea to have some supplies ready around the house. In case you are not at home it's easy to prepare some essential equipment in a bag that can be left in the car or truck. There are many ideas for a easy to carry backpack to be used in an emergency. Here are some pictures of one attempt at a bag that has enough supplies for a person on the move for a few days.


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