UST Deluxe Survival Kit

Our quick review of the Deluxe Survival Kit from Ultimate Survival Technologies

Ultimate Survival Technologies

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One Response to “UST Deluxe Survival Kit”

  1. Tolteca Says:

    I just spent 13 days in the desert with my backpack & pistol.
    Do you know where Golden Spike National Historic Site is?
    Look it up on a map in google, then look for Park valley Utah
    which is Northwest from Golden Spike.I started in Corrine,
    Right next to the Golden Spike National Site. I want to tell you
    What I had & what I did. First I want to tell you why. Golden
    Spike is where the Eastern Railroad & the Western Railroad met
    & the first coast to coast transit was formed.
    Anyway, why I spent 13 days in the Desert is I have property
    at Dove Creek, which is west of Park Valley & has the same kind
    of terrain & I wanted to see if I could survive if I had to.

    Water was tough, it only rained once & I filled everything I
    could, I scooped up muddy water & let the dirt settle to the
    I had one of those 2 dollar ponchos in my pack & it became my
    water catcher & it worked great.
    I have a couple of those filter straws that filter the water
    as you drink. I recommend them, they are easy to carry & take
    up little spage. They are made by Aquamira. Google for the
    best price
    I ate MRE’s, apples, beef jerky & took Lifecaps for 13 days.
    The Lifecaps are awesome, all natural, keep your blood sugar
    level, vitamins & Minerals even Iodine. Since they are all
    natural they are absorbed by your body within 20 minutes.

    You can live on water & Lifecaps. They take up very little
    room, you can carry 3 months worth in one small pocket of
    your Pack. You can get 33% off right now using my coupon
    code… Healthcap

    I did have some Protein bars also.
    Next time, I will fill my pack with protein bars, Lifecaps &
    the rest with water. (as far as food goes) My first aid kit
    & the rest of my gear would still be there.
    I never had to start a fire. The days were so hot that the
    cool night was a blessing.

    It was supposed to be a 10 day trip but without a GPS it was
    difficult for me to always be heading in the right direction.
    I thought I was heading more West Than North & on day 8 I
    saw the Freeway #30. I was tempted to hitch a ride but did’nt
    I back tracked & went West & Northwest.
    I do not know what I would have done without that day of rain
    & the Lifecaps. I would take fiber pills twice a day, it gives
    you a full feeling.
    Water… If it was not for the rain, I do not know what I
    would have done. Two days I acted as if I had no water with me
    & tried to find water, crush roots & grass. If it would not
    have rained, I would have run out of water & it would have
    been really hard, I need to learn how to find water better.

    I hope this helps. I really learned a lot & I will be better
    prepared next year. I am going to do a 7 day in October, which
    will be cooler & possibly snow. I will tell you about it.

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